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Talking Photography I SABATINO

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Talking Photography I SABATINO

Hora: abril 10, 2010 a las 9am a mayo 8, 2010 a las 1pm
Ubicación: RMTF
Página Web o mapa:…
Tipo de evento: improve, your, english, talking, about, photography!
Organizado por: Lisa Blackmore
Última actividad: 30 Mar 2010

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Descripción del evento

Talking Photography I Noche

Talking Photography is a conversation group for students who want to practice and improve their English whist exploring, discussing and debating their passion for the photographic image. In the sessions a large amount of the time will be dedicated to looking at images and together we will also digest, discuss and analyse works by a wide range of photographers. We will work to reinforce the vocabulary used to describe both the technical and expressive qualities of photography and also discuss and debate a range of topics. Other activities will include reading articles, watching extracts of documentaries and listening to audio content so as to reinforce each of the skills involved in speaking another language. Talking Photography is designed for participants of all abilities to share their ideas according to their level and improve their English through the experience of being in a mixed-level environment.

Costo: Bs.: 1200
Horario: Martes 6:30 a 8:30pm
Duración: 20H
Número máximo de participantes: 12
Requisitos: +
Requerimientos: Knowledge of English *If you have doubts about your level of English, write to Lisa at for advice


Comentario por Lisa Blackmore el febrero 5, 2010 a las 9:50am
Crédito de la foto: Andrea Gefeller, Serie Supervisions, Ohne Titel (Plattenbau 5) Untitled (Panel Building 5) Berlin, 2004 110 x 131 cm


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